Monday, April 23, 2012

Charge It To My MasterCard!

I recently got my Production "Master Class" card in the mail from USPSA and I thought I'd share some interesting observations with ya'll about that journey... 

Some stats: 
  • I've shot 65 classifiers in Production class.
    • My "best" score was a 91%, shot on 11/17/2011.
    • My "worst" score was a 16%, shot on 2/09/2009.
    • The trendline's slope is Y = 0.6951x + 38.959.
  • It took my 4 years and 4 months to achieve this.
  • My first classifier was CM 06-03, "Can You Count?". (I wrote about this in the past)

Some observations:
  • The first few years, I didn't know anything about dryfire. Hell, the first time I really shot a semi-auto pistol was for my first USPSA match, shooting "Can You Count?"!
  • About two years in, I started really dry firing and that took me to B-Class.
  • Getting help early kept me from making bad mistakes. 
  • Knowing how to shoot groups kept me on paper.
  • Given the slope of my classifiers, I should probably make GM around 80 classifiers. (That's about 15 classifiers from now, or about 5 months)
  • Bombing a classifier isn't all that bad. A low score will wash out and not be calculated.

This is a huge beginning for me: I feel like I've been able to personally achieve something and it is far from an endpoint. There is literally so much out there to refine: movement, how the hell a rifle works, getting back to a merciless dry-fire program, working on slow draw and my habit to "overthink" sight pictures, steel challenge, how the hell a shotgun works, etc.

Keep training, keep searching, keep at it. "If it was simple, would it be worth doing?"

Stay thirsty, my friends, stay thirsty...