Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Cool Gun Shop: Second Amendment Sports in McHenry, IL

My wife gets her hair done at Visions Salon up in McHenry - and at this point, you may be asking what that has to do with shooting - read on: last month she told me that a new gun store opened up right next door to her salon. Being a 1911/.45 aficionado, she decided to head in a check the place out on my behalf.

Later that night she told me that the place was done up in rich wood paneling, had a lot of cool old cowboy gun in blue steel and walnut hung on the walls; in short, a place that a real man would appreciate, but that wouldn't terrify a lady with persistent sales folks and a "little lady, you need a snubby" attitude. She gave the business card and I decided that I'd check it out. Well, the month passed by and due to life, the universe and everything, I wasn't able to stop by until this past weekend.

My wife's tastes being exquisite (she married me, after all), she was right: the place is truly well done and impressive!

The shop is a bit tiny, and while they don't stock the "standard fare" of GLOCKs and SIGS, they do have some pretty cool vintage stuff. If you're on the way up to a McHenry IPSC or McIDPA match, check 'em out:

Second Amendment Sports
409 N Front St. Ste B
McHenry, IL 60050

CLOSED Sunday, Monday, & Major Holidays