Sunday, April 1, 2012

CZs-USA Signs Les Kismartoni!

CHICAGO, IL (April 1, 2012) - CZs-USA has signed USPSA and IDPA competitor, and director of WIILSHOOT.COM, Les Kismartoni to Team CZs-USA!

Les will be using the newly released CZs "Z" (formerly the Dusek DUO) to compete in USPSA's new "Retro" division and IDPA's "B.U.G." division.

"I'm looking forward to doing great things with team CZs!", says Kismartoni. "While I'm most comfortable with a modern, serious caliber full-size firearm, the challenge of running an antiquated, 6-round, .25 ACP blowback design is something that really appeals to my pocket, err, I mean, 'my sporting sensibilities'."