Friday, April 20, 2012

New IDPA Rules?

Very soon all IDPA members will be receiving the Q2 copy of the IDPA Tactical Journal. In that issue, you will find a review of the work that the Tiger Teams are doing on the updated rulebook. Although slightly ahead of schedule, we will continue to work on that effort for a few more months, including an updated process and curriculum for Safety Officer Training. Effective September 1st, we are temporarily halting all Safety Officer Classes in the US. We also recommend clubs evaluate the need for any currently scheduled classes between now and September 1st. If your club does not absolutely need the class then we recommend rescheduling to next year. There will be important changes that all SO's need to be aware of as well as new class structuring. Taking the new class next year will also eliminate the possibility of needing to take a refresher or re-certification class shortly after having taken the old SO class. 
I really wonder just how divergent the new IDPA rules are going to be...