Monday, April 16, 2012

North Porter Carry Gun Match

I posted this on the calendar under North Porter IDPA...

This is a match intended for carry guns and realistic equipment

Five stages planned. Round count about sixty-seventy.
Carry guns will be defined as 4.25" barrels on semi-autos, 3" on revolvers,
Minimum caliber of 9mm/.38 Special, 10 rounds max/magazine for autos, 6 for revos.
No extended magazines on any gun.
There will also be a sub-compact division for small 7-shot autos and 5-shot revos.
Other guns are welcome, too, and will be put into a different division.
Concealment garment and real-life hip holster and ammo carriers are required.
No optics, no lasers, only one belt allowed.