Thursday, May 24, 2012

Some Reviews...

I spent the tail-end of last week at home sick... Spring colds, ugh... The good news is that I had free time to read and watch some DVD's!

After finishing the last of the twilights DVD's and books (that's a joke...), Kozy was nice enough to drop off a copy of Brad Engmann's book "Modern Handgun Fundamentals" which he ordered after reading Ben Stoeger's review. In short, I agree 100% with Ben: go read his review first, then come back here...

Ok... You're back: The reason I like this book so much is because it tries, and more-or-less succeeds in putting all of the important information together in one reference.

See, a fair number of people ask me what books they should read and, depending on their skill level, reading something like "Shooting from Within" or Enos' book is basically out of the question. This is a reference/road map that I can recommend, and with some study, could actually take a shooter REALLY far!

Honestly, I wish I had something like this when I started out! Even a few years ago in ~2007 I had to comb through McGivern, Ayoob, Cooper, and a ton of other reference materials, most of which weren't 100% relevant. When you're a beginner, trying to just do it is hard enough! (This is why I decided to take classes with Team Spartan and John Krupa...)

Since a bunch of us are getting into 3-gun, I ordered up a copy of Jerry Miculek's Practical Rifle DVD.

Presented as a 3 DVD set, it takes a shooter through most technical aspects of practical rifle competition (AR). The production values are incredibly high and it is very well presented: Multiple angle shots of how Jerry runs the rifle are rife through the DVD! In the absence of having a clue, this DVD is pretty awesome!

However, there are four specific things I didn't like:

  • The first DVD has a long encyclopedic section on the parts of the AR: while this is somewhat important, it isn't that detailed and doesn't offer a lot of insight. Think: "This is a barrel. They come in Stainless and CroMoly. Moving on..." It would've been more helpful to have an in depth discussion about optics or zeroing choices, etc.
  • The section on zeroing is brushed over pretty quickly. They talk about zeroing with irons for 300 yards, but they don't discuss pros/cons of 50/200 IBZ's or anything.
  • Speaking about irons/optics, the DVD is geared towards open shooters - there is almost no discussion about how to dial in irons (other than establishing the zero), deal with hold unders/overs, and there is almost no discussion about when it makes sense and how to go to primary optic, specifically on when it pays to dial it in for longer range shots, etc.
  • There is very little about bullet weights and the role it may/may-not play.