Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2012 USPSA Area 5 Recap

Sorry it has taken a while to get some footage of the 2012 Area 5 match out there... Been busy with work and trying to get some good loads worked up for precision lately.

A little about the match: 13 stages, 314 round (minimum), almost all with far or partial targets that required some care in sighting the gun. Very few stages allowed the competitor to "hose". The match directors opted to use PractiScore to run the match - it worked pretty well, but there were a few iPhones which suffered heat exhaustion! I know a lot of folks from Pine Tree put in overtime building stages (we helped build stage 13 and stage 4!) and running the match, for that, all we can say is, "Thank you guys a ton!"

We opted to shoot the match over two days, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. We were lucky to miss the rain on Saturday morning and only got hammered by the heat on later that afternoon. We made good use of Mik3's new pad in Rochelle (~45 minutes away) and were able to grill up some burgers and hang out on Saturday night, then have a nice, if fast, breakfast on Sunday before we rolled back.

Over the two days, we shot with Top Shot contestant, Greg Littlejohn, and a couple of Canadian competitors! (Les' Note: It was nice to have two other giants in the group: Allen Borg, Greg and I. Giraffes need to know there are other giraffes out there!) I know we all had a ton of fun - complex stages, summertime, other good competitors, what's not to like!?

Out of 104 competitors, we did pretty well: Jason, was fast and fun to watch, as always, but had a few zero-or-hero stages where some Mike's cost him. He finished 29th. Tony Alterio ran his plan pretty consistently, his barking Power Pistol load - which actually only made 135 power factor, which was surprising - put to good use for a 21st place finish. Emil Kozell's powder puff loads almost didn't make powerfactor, but a "lucky" overcharge sent him over the 125 mark - he finished 85th. I had a pretty consistent match - shot slow and accurate - which garnered me an 8th place finish behind 5th place Alex Gutt, Team CZ's Matt Mink (2nd place) and Matt Hopkins (4th place), 3rd place Universal Shooting Academy owner Frank Garcia, and 1st place winner, National Champion, Ben Stoeger.
(Greg finished 31st - shot consistently both days!)