Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Hollows 3-Gun Match, June 2012

Jay Carillo and Steve Galka tear it up!

More 3 gun! I'd been hearing about this facility for a while now. It used to be the Blackwater training grounds, supposed to be nice, etc etc. It pretty much lived up to the hype. A very nice place, in the middle of nowhere (nobody got phone signal from any carrier), and a bit of a hike compaired to the normal fare.

While I'm still trying to pick up on some of small nuances of shotgun and rifle manipulation (how do I disengaged safety?), I felt overall pretty decent with how I did. They switched over to IDPA targets this time around, which left scoring much easier. I had plenty of "down zero" hits even at range. In fact, I think my only miss of the day came from a paper target on the pistol portion of the plate rack stage!

Overall, it was awesome and I do plan on going back before the year is over. The guys over at Action Shooting Sports put on an awesome show and are a great group to shoot with.