Thursday, June 7, 2012

July 2012 Pine Tree Match - Can Anyone Help Out?

Pine Tree's July USPSA match, July 1st, is on hold because they've got nobody to run the show...

I'd jump in, but I've got a previous commitment that is unbreakable.

I'm under the assumption that a few readers would be willing to help setup/tear down, etc and handle registration. If anyone is interested, let the folks at PTPC know! Hell, if folks were willing to wait, I'd score that match later that night and post the results to WIILSHOOT until PTPC could post...

We will need a match director and stages set up crew signed up by June 15th or match will be cancelled .
I will be out of town that weekend as will some of the usual suspects. ( JT , D.S. B.F. G.F. )
Match Director; register shooters , assign squads , update scores( Practiscore is piece of cake ) , over see tear down and ranges clean .
Stage Crew ; set up stages, write stage walk thru , prep range buckets for stage .
We hate to do this, but all of our matches are pending cancellation if we do not get some people to step up and help. There is a sign-up form on our calendar for the Saturday prior to every match. If we do not have at least six people sign up the match will likely be cancelled. We have asked repeatedly for help and it has not been forthcoming. We are sorry to have to take such extreme measures, but the few that do show are all burned out.You can start by talking to us at Thursday night USPSA and we will show you how to use and setup Practiscore. So if you want to shoot, you need to step-up and help. Here's a link to sign-up to help for July. CLICK HERERegards,Mike BytnerPine Tree Pistol ClubShooting Sports Director