Monday, June 25, 2012

The Return of Winchester Dynapoint!

I stopped by the Starbucks at Streets of Woodfield to grab a cuppa this past weekend, and while there, decided to hit the Dick's sporting goods store to see what they had... Usually, I just look around, but sometimes Dick's orders something nice for someone and then that person bails on 'em. (Found a few deals on Winchester SX3's and some Benelli's that way...) When in Rome, right?

Anyway, Dick's used to carry bulk standard velocity rimfire ammunition which was crazy accurate -  it was sold exclusively through Dick's and was called Winchester Dynapoint GT - when they pulled it, you just couldn't find it anywhere, it was as if the product never existed!

The stuff was great: It burned clean, was pretty reasonably priced at $24.00 per 500, and I bought several cases last summer when I was working accuracy with the .22. I ended up using that for my matches and things just "worked". I tuned the feed lips on my High Standards to feed that stuff reliably and was dreading having to find another rimfire ammunition source.

Well, while there, I spied several boxes of Winchester Dynapoint. I thought the stuff would just be the regular "Dynapoint" that Winchester makes - kinda hot, different case dimensions, etc. In spite of that, I ended up buying a box just to see how it'd measure up compared to the stuff at home... 

I got out my last box of last year's stuff and to my surprise, this stuff is exactly identical!
.40" +- .001" Case rime thickness
.972 +- .005" OAL
~1.0gr of some kinda small flaked powder
40gr bullet with a "semi-hollow point"
.225" +- .001 bullet diameter

I popped the bullet out with pliers and both cartridges have a funky yellowish-priming compound. 

I ended up going back and buying a few more bricks - will order a case later!