Monday, July 9, 2012

The Hollows 3-Gun Match!

Jason Carillo, Steve Galka and I met up at "The Hollow" in Mt Carroll, IL to play some 3-gun!

Many thanks to Brad, Chick, Doc and the rest of the Action Shooting Sports crew for putting on these great matches! While the day ran a bit long, the beginners had a good time, everyone stayed safe and it sure beat being in the office!

Jason was running an AR with an EOTech, a Benelli M4, and his XDs while Steve ran his franken-AR build with Trijicon TR24, a Mossberg JM 935, and his Tanfoglio limited gun. I ran essentially Heavy Metal-division gear: a DSArms FAL with 30-round mags, a Robar-worked over Mossberg 590 pump and cheated, using my Glock .40... 

Despite being a chump - I hardly shooting shotgun or rifle - I felt like I was able to keep up with my guys and not let 'em down!

The other half of Team WIILSHOOT ran out to Oak Park to blast the monthly USPSA match... I've got some fun video's to process there and will share it later...