Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 Indiana Sectional: We rocked!

What a fun match!

We opted to shoot all day Sunday and lucked out with perfect weather. The stages were pretty much straight ahead, no big memory stages, or etc: It all really boiled down to execution. I'll have video after the guys get things onto dropbox, allowing me to put it all together.

Congrats to Alex Gutt for stomping in production division!

I finished 3rd, overall, high master, running my .40 G35. - I pushed really hard during the match to try to speed myself up and out of my comfort zone. I had a few mikes and a few no-shoots, but it was better to shoot fast than to shoot like the way I always do (which wasn't working). I was 12% off of Alex' pace - 2 years ago I was still 12% off Alex pace, but since he's winning these things now, I know I've gotten a bit better!

Jay Carillo had a solid match, we were neck and neck for a few stages - he finished 7th, 2nd "A" class.

Chris Kozell finished High-C in Open, opting to squad with Chris Keen... I think he picked up a few things. His gun ran just fine.

One more note of interest: Mike G. He managed to beat Manny Bragg on stage 3! Man he's gotten good!