Monday, September 24, 2012

Devil Dog Arms: Interesting... Very Interesting!

Stopped by new rifle manufacturer and custom shop, Devil Dog Arms over the weekend for their Grand Opening. Even ran into Mikhail B and his better half while browsing!


DDA builds primarily 5.56 caliber AR-platform rifles and specializes in customizing each order for the end user. They're contracting with a company to handle the forging and machining of the AR lower and uppers. The display rifles looked solid with nice attention to detail.

Some of the display rifles had NiB-X coating on charging handles, bolts, etc. Other than looking cool, I've got to say, surface treatments like Robar's NP3 and NiB-X really offer advantages in cleaning the BCG and bolt at minimum. I've heard that some folks were doing entire uppers and even barrels with NiB-X. (NiB-X is a Nickel Boron surface treatment that forms a tough, slippery surface layer, helping to resist corrosion and maintain lubricity)

Perhaps the most interesting things at DDA is going to be their upcoming "AR-Builder Classes". They walk a class through a complete build up of one of their rifles - a basic DDA-15 is included in the price, but custom features can be added too.

1911 - 2011

They had their plans for 1911 and 2011 pistols displayed. It seems that both of these will be manufactured in house. The 2011 looks to accept S*I grip pods... Cool, I guess, if you're into the platform.

Bolt-Action Work or Semi-Auto .308's

They had one bolt-action rifle, a Nikon-topped Remy 700 short action .308 build with a Hogue stock, on display. They said they can do most standard precision builds - I didn't get a chance to ask about accuracy guarantees, but since a few of the owners were USMC Snipers, I'm guessing they know what to look for.

Looks like DDA is also going to be manufacturing/customizing AR-10 style rifles... Not sure of any specs, as they said more details would be forthcoming.

Additional Sales

From some of their marketing copy, it looks like they'll be offering Sigs pistols and Benelli shotguns in the future. Hopefully, they'll offer some nice 3-gun packages to turn stock Benelli's into 3-gun-ready shotguns!

Hope they do well - they were a friendly bunch that seems to really take their craft seriously!