Friday, September 28, 2012

Speaking of 3-Gun... Jay Carillo & XRAIL!

Join me in congratulating Jay Carillo: Jay, being among the most helpful, most polite guys out there has been picked up by an official sponsor: XRAILs!

The XRAILs guys met Jay while running a side shotgun match - Jay, again, being among the most helpful of people, saw that they were swamped and jumped in helping out by running shooter, loading guns and keeping the folks at the side match safe. I think the XRAIL folks noticed what many of us noticed: his aptitude for helping people out!

I know JC loves his Benelli M4 and rumor has it that RCI (the parent company that owns the XRAIL system) is making some non-rotary extension tubes for the M4 too, so expect to see JC keep blasting away in TacOptics - for those interested in the rotary system, here's a vid:

Rumor has it that XRAILs will have a trailer down at the ASC Zombie match this weekend - possibly at the OPSC match too...