Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thoughts on IDPA...

I'm rather fond of shooting IDPA with McHenry IDPA for a few simple reasons:

  • The crowd and spectator heckling is fun
  • The get-in/get-out mentality and simple-ness of the gear makes competition fast-paced and simple
  • The scenarios are pretty simple to solve, but are generally good practice
  • IDPA can mandate # of shots, placement of shots, etc.

That said, for a while, I've had issues with IDPA, specifically around the way divisions are recognized. I've been in a running disagreement with Mik3 over gear saying that I don't think that any pistol/customization/caliber really offers any advantages in IDPA divisions. I've won major matches in ESP and SSP using an essentially stock GLOCK .40 "duty-pistol".

The icing on the cake, however, is this statistical assessment of IDPA. The findings are relevant: it is the Indian and not the arrow that makes the difference here. Read

While I like shooting IDPA matches in my local club, I feel like I'm just done with majors...