Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Aurora Sportsmen's Club: Zombie Shoot 2012

Stage 1 Complete!
This post comes a bit late since I've been a bit out of commission due to a nasty cold... But, it def. should get it's due!

 Two weekends ago I rolled out to my first "Zombie Shoot" over at the Aurora Sportsmen's Club in Waterman, IL. I was under the assumption that it was going to be like a straight up 3-gun match, but it ended up being a "choose your own adventure"-style family fun shoot. You could essentially re-run stages for as long as the RO's would put up with you...

And a lot of thanks does go out to the RO's for keeping a lot of new shooters safe, pointed in the right direction and helping 'em out with their sometimes malfunctioning equipment.


Jay Carillo was there representing XRAILS and I got the chance to just hang out with him and pick his brain about gear, rifle shooting, etc... We started off shooting the 300 yard targets! Hard to see those suckers!

Speaking about rifles - I def. have been bitten by the 5.56 bug and need to get out and hit some more 3-gun events next year. I was running a DSArms ZM4 with an Aimpoint on a GG&G mount. I had this rifle NP3'd last year and that treatment really helped make the rifle a snap to clean up - sure you still have to scrub the bolt, but the rest of the surfaces just wipe right off!

We got a chance to see the steel that was used by the VTAC barricade: Swiss Cheese!

Like the Moon...
All day punishment...

After a long day of shooting, I shot over to Houlihan's in Waterman for a fantastic chipotle cheese burger!