Monday, October 1, 2012

Bullseye Posture: Lesson 1...

Headed out to see Slash on Friday night - the first stop was a pub near the Rivera to grab some beers while we waited for the line to subside... Well, being the competitive type, I decided to participate in a Masskrugstemmen, or Beer-stein holding contest, honoring Octoberfest. Did I win? Well, let just say after 2 liters of beer I was doubting that "winning" was the right way to go!

Look at the posture! Look at the form! Perfect Bullseye shooting pose!(I'm holding left-handed since I hurt my right hand...)

Headed out to blast at the Zombie fest, then didn't make it home until late when the wife dragged me to see the Badgers lose to Nebraska.

I slept until noon on Sunday, then wasn't coherent for another 3 hours, at which point I had to clean out MISS' locker since we're moving to On Target - spent the rest of the night cleaning my GLOCKs, getting ready to put them away for good.

All this equates to my criticism of a 24-hour day - there simply isn't enough time to process Jay Carillo and I blasting at ASC and other stuff... I will catch up tonight!