Monday, October 29, 2012

IDPA Updates!

Racine IDPA

Racine IDPA has now moved to a semi-bi-monthly format in hopes of alleviating the long wait times associated with matches are Shooters. The first match of the month will be closed to nationally-registered IDPA members, with the second match of the month open to all. (Personally, I think they might explore online registration... )

Additionally, they've published updated registration and safety meeting start times... See the calendar for more information! (Moved forward ~30 minutes or so!)

For clarification, the match this weekend will only be for nationally-registered IDPA members!

The match on 12/01/2012 will only be for Racine IDPA members.

McHenry IDPA

McHenry IDPA has now moved from McHenry to On Target Range and Training Center in Crystal Lake. The first match will be Wednesday, 11/14/2012 with mandatory online registration going live on Sunday, 11/11/2012. See the announcement here.

The McIDPA calendar has been updated too - sorry for the confusion (I missed the October date on there...)

Oak Park IDPA

The last 2012 Oak Park IDPA match will be on 11/4/2012. Calendar is now fixed for that.