Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Great Steve Anderson Stuff...

Steve Anderson wrote the book on dryfire. Literally.

If you haven't read it, do yourself a favor and get it!

Anyway, he's been on Facebook (which I'm not, but Kozy is!) and I've been interested in some of what he's talking about!

See what you need to see.

I first became aware of this phrase on the excellent Brian Enos shooting forums. If you're a newb and haven't been there, go immediately, but please do not post any questions for 5 years.

It'll take you that long to read the answers to your questions.

Trust me. If it involves a gun, it's been asked and answered.

If it involves shooting, there may be some new ground to be gained. See I don't really care about guns, I care about shooting.

If you don't believe me, ask me about the components on my open gun. If it's not 15 years old, it broke and I replaced it with whatever Travis Tomasie told me to get. I have no idea who makes the various parts anymore. Well, the scope mount and slide racker are Cheely's. Trust me, I have not forgotten that.

But for me it's about the act, not the instrument. So don't bother me about springs, powders, bullet weights, etc... I don't care anymore.

These things are important, but only in the sense that you need to settle on a system and move on.

Like I told a friend, hopefully with the utmost respect:

Dumb shooters try to solve problems with gear. Smart shooters solve problems with technique.

Yes of course, there are legitimate gear issues that will hold you back. If you are shooting a Makarov from an ankle holster, you've got gear issues. But if you have a "good" gun and holster system, an ammo combo that runs the gun, is accurate, and doesn't propel you backwards though a wall, Wile E. Coyote style...

You might be your own problem.

Sad but true. Sorry. But consider this: Most errors in shooting have to do with vision. I will retract that statement after I see the Ray Charles/Stevie Wonder shootoff.

(By the way, have you seen the cover of the first Ray Charles album? Neither has he. Tee Hee.)

It's just that there's so much to see when a gun goes off.

With iron sights, they tend to go up and to one side slightly, then come down through the rears again, dip below them slightly, shimmy from side to side a but, then settle more or less in the rears according to a given shooter's grip and technique.

In Open, dot movement varies wildly according to shooter and gun. I reject the idea that we need to "work the comp." For me, that introduces shimmy while reducing rise and fall. Here's the trouble with shimmy: Shit ain't predictable. Rise and fall? Nice and pretty, all day long. Up and down, off we go.

But some people will see the dot do a figure 8 every time. Other shooters won't see anything at all. Then they get pissed and go buy a more accurate gun. Hmmm.

But when you take the time and make the effort to SEE what your gun really does in recoil, its shenanigans may surprise you.

Better grip and technique will calm a lot of it down, but only if you pay attention. Only if you need to see what you need to see.

As the great Brian Enos wrote in his phenomenally confuse-balls book, "Get interested in your shooting."

Shoot 6 into the berm and see what your gun really does. If you have accuracy issues, you likely don't even know what you need to see at a given distance. Figure that shit out, will ya? Please?

My buddy Brandon has been a great sidekick since my life became a country and western blues song. I lost a wife and a dog on pretty sudden notice. Came home from a business trip and she made me a nice hot cup of see-ya-later-ade.

"I'm not happy."

She may not be, but I sure am. That's her choice. I've made mine.

But I digress. Again. Sorry.

Brandon decided he wanted to shoot seriously.
And because he lives 3 doors down and his parents trust me in spite of the evidence presented against me, I've been helping him get his feet wet. If you're around here, you've seen him around.

(If there's a luckier new shooter in the world, his last name is Michel and he isn't quite old enough yet.)

While Brandon was house-sitting for me, he did my first 7 drills for 2-6 hours a day. Read that last sentence again.

He can do a .8 drill 1 all day long. Because he has. (Done the drill all day long)

His Burkett reload is down to .7. Like a bunch of other idiots, he tried to mod the drill and do a full reload, and texted me his progress on this bastardized not-my-drill. My reply: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. DON'T. DO. THAT.

It's like a lot of email I get: I have both of your books, but I haven't really been using them. I want to get better.


Well, I want to be an astronaut, so me and my buddy the plumber have signed up for a basket weaving course.

(Pardon me while I LOL)

(Wait, it continues.)


Now, ROFLMFAO. Did I get that right?

I try not to engage in text talk, BECAUSE I'M AN ADULT AND I KNOW HOW TO SPELL, but that was a good one. I laughed so hard I farted a little. Just like Jose.

And I don't mean to disparage those who don't get it right away. This stuff can seem very difficult, and most people don't have my curse. The curse of how can this be done better.

I think Brandon may have it too. His Dad has it, we know that for sure. he built my deck and still thinks the gaps might be a hair too wide. But they aren't. Because he knows how to build a deck.

And when doing so, He sees what he needs to see.

Brandon was having a little trouble with accuracy yesterday. Not surprising. He's A-class dry fire and will shoot his first match in 4 hours. I was talking to him about his vison and he wasn't getting any of it. I let it go, and then realized that his ultra dark glasses were about as useful as Stevie Wonder's nightlight.

I loaned him my old Rudy Racing Reds and the heavens shone down upon him. Angels sang. Van Halen blared out of thin air:

You're gonna hear the angels singin'.

You will too. When you see what you need to see.

Big things are happening here at HQ, gang. I got an email last night that could change a few lives forever.

Because there's something I want, too. If I can manage not to fuck this up I'll be the happiest man on the planet.

I wanna hear the Angel singing too.

I can see what I want. Or at least visualize it. It's very far away, but closer every day. I'll get there.

When I see what I need to see.

Now get to work.