Saturday, October 20, 2012

Updates from the Field...


Spoke to Kozy for a while last night... He's squadded up with Todd Jarrett and has been watching the other supersquad shooters blasting away.

He's had issues trying to settle into a rhythm, as a result, he's dropped a few shots. Gun is running well, though he tweaked his optic (C-More) before leaving and now he's pulling a bit to the right...

Today is the last day before he heads home from Nationals.

Jay Carillo

Jay's down in Kentucky shooting the Blue Ridge Mt. 3-gun match with Jerry Miculek and the Miculek clan. While he's been shooting like himself (fast), the scoring system they're using is similar to IDPA: time added per hit to periphery. (1/2 for C, 1.5 for D) He's getting hurt on that some.

You can see some of his score here: PractiScore

He did share a cautionary tale - and posted a video:

Ended up blazing the beginning of a stage, but then had a tough time shooting a 20 yard popper - you'll see him take a few shots, reload, then blast again. Finally hit it, then thought he really needs to run up to engage the shotgun targets, etc. He ended up falling. Twice... No procedural, since the rifle was slung and unloaded and he never muzzled himself with the shotgun. Ugh...

You live, you learn.

Anyway, thought some of you would like the update! More later - I'm off to shoot ASC Practical Rifle Match!

A quick reminder that tomorrow Pine Tree shoots and Oconomowoc has their last match.