Friday, November 9, 2012

Absent Mindedness

After competing for a while, even the best of us can get complacent with the fact that the tools of our sport are incredibly lethal. We may get cavalier in our handling, chasing down tenths or hundredths of a second on the clock, pushing ourselves to "go faster". We may dry fire in the kitchen or at the TV, practice magazine changes in front of the foyer mirror or in the bedroom over the master bed.

While these may be acceptable depending on your circumstances, it is sometimes good when there is a reality check that brings us back to earth, breaking the usual routine and re-establishing the adage that "familiarity breeds contempt", forcing us to procede with caution.

Please, take the time ingrain a lesson paid for in blood: Cooper's four cardinal rules of firearm safety. Habituate them every chance you get and examine the premise that if you violate only one rule, chances are that people may not be harmed, but that if you violate two, then serious injury or death is likely!

At the end of the night, we want to cheer to Krupa's favorite post-training toast: "Nobody got shot!" and not lament the loss of a friend...