Friday, November 9, 2012

Ben Stoeger's Book: Champion Shooting

Champion Shooting: A Proven Process for Success at Any Level (Kindle Edition)

Just finished reading Ben Stoeger's no-nonsense book on practical shooting. Currently, it is available as an e-book (Kindle format) from Amazon. This is perhaps the simplest, most direct book that I know of on the subject matter, which mirrors my experiences with Ben as a teacher.

The book focuses on a pragmatic approach to building skills for practical shooting, targeting an audience of USPSA and IPDA competitors. Make no bones about it, this is primarily oriented towards USPSA competitors, but many of the drills and insights ventured would serve others well.

The pragmatic approach presented avoids almost all discussion of technique, except for triggering, and focuses on diagnostic drills and exercises that, when approached diligently, are projected to yield the most benefit for the time involved. The summary of why these drills are important avoids a lot of the rich philosophical discussion that Enos' books contains (which, personally, I like) and focuses on a plain language presentation of why these skills are most important.

Further, the book presents a simplified training regimen (far simpler than, say Seeklanders approach) encapsulating the drills and exercises presented and is a sure blueprint for taking some diligent folks to the top levels...

Get over the Amazon. You need to read this now and get this!!