Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More on Sling Systems.

John Krupa commented on the last Sling-System post - it was too good not to give it top billing:
Thanks for the plug on this sling! There are soooo many sling companies out there, it is very easy to get confused on what sling to go with.
We have been using Sling System Slings in our classes since 2006 and by far, they manufacture one of the most universal sling systems I have ever worked with.
There are not many slings that offer universal / transitional use between rifle, shotgun and sub-machinegun. The Sling System Sling is the first sling I have used in the last 20+ years running long guns where I can use the same sling on ALL of my long guns, carbines and SBR’s consistently!
The Sling System Sling can be used for conventional carry use – American Carry and African Carry techniques, while offering quick and easy transition to tactical carry configuration for left and right hand shooters alike. I especially appreciate this feature, being a left-handed long gun shooter. 
While most “tactical” sling offerings make transition from strong side to support side difficult, if not impossible, the Sling System Sling allows for easy transition from strong side to support side quick & easy.
The Sling System Sling is the official sling used and recommended by Spartan Tactical Training Group and we are a distributor for this sling. We have about (100) slings in stock, so if any of your members are interested in picking some up, have them contact me directly. They run $ 29.95 delivered.
Stay safe.
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