Monday, December 10, 2012

The Danger Zone!

No... not that "Top Gun", we're talking about OnTarget's "Top Gun" Competition!

When we first moved McHenry IPSC and McHenry IDPA over to OnTarget, our contacts there had mentioned that they were running a competition and needed certain dates for training. Since the move was so busy, I didn't really pay too much attention to what, exactly, the competition entailed. A few weeks ago, one of our buddies, Alex I., asked if anyone was going to head out to shoot the competition. I read the description and figured, "What the hell...", forwarding the email to Jay Carillo. We decided to hit the match on Sunday and rock it out. Unbeknownst to me, our buddies Luis Lacson, Mike F. and his better half, Laura (hope I spelled it right!), were also doing the competition!

Upon arrival, we noticed that the range windows were all "blacked out" - the OnTarget staff was being really careful about limiting the exposure to the course of fire, wanting to make it as much of a "blind stage" as possible. Competitors were called into the range one at a time, given an in depth walk through, then were able to run the course of fire:

  1. Run into the range, load your AR15, deliver one shot per port of a Tetris (VTAC) barricade (9 shots) at a ~45 yard target.
  2. Reload and while moving to another Tetris barricade, engage a second ~45 yard target
  3. From the next Tetris barricade, engage two rounds per target from 3 ports at a ~40 yard target. Unload the rifle and stage on a barrel.
  4. Run back and pick up the shotgun, load with 4 buckshot rounds and engage two static clays.
  5. Head Uprange while controlling the muzzle, load two slugs, and engage ~50 yard target with both slugs.
  6. Head downrange and engage remaining two static clays.
  7. Run back uprange, open a door, and engage a 5 yard pistol target with a failure drill (2 body, 1 "head") while moving to yet another Tetris barricade.
  8. From barricade, engage ~15 yard target with one round through each port (9 ports). (A reload was necessary since OnTarget mandated that all magazines be loaded to 6 rounds.)
  9. Engage five plates (that sometimes fell) and a 5 yard paper target with one shot.
  10. Run ~45 yards uprange, grab a staged AK, load and make a 50 yard head shot.

The course was scored as Limited Vickers Count - 1/2 second per point down, 5 seconds for a miss, and 3 seconds per procedural. Examining the scoring balance, since aiming took quite a while, it may have been advantageous to break a shot without aiming in order not o sacrifice time. (10 seconds to aim vs. 5 seconds for a miss...) We tried to take all shots called for - a few of the lower ports on the Tetris barricades being tougher for a giraffe like myself.

The event was quite fun and quite challenging - it was easy to mess up shotgun slug section and if you've never tried to hustle through a Tetris barricade, you might've been in for a "treat".

Jay Carillo ended up winning the event, and a snazzy new Remington competition-model 1911! I was ~20 seconds off his pace and landed a year membership at OnTarget.