Saturday, January 5, 2013

Four Leaf Training: Skills and Drills

Four Leaf Training is going to be conducting monthly skills and drills class aimed at beginner to intermediate competitive shooters at On Target in Crystal Lake, IL

For the shooter wanting to enter into pistol competition this 3 hour class will be an introduction to the rules and safety procedures needed to get started. This is accomplished through a small class size where individual attention coupled with open communication leads to a solid foundation in the shooting sports. Classroom topics covered will include safety, equipment, range procedures, basic rules, basic scoring and what to expect on the range. The live fire element of the class will expose the new shooter to a basic stage scenario where the shooter will have a chance to practice what they’ve learned in a low stress (uncompetitive) environment. The live fire portion of the class also gives the instructors an opportunity to evaluate and address any safety issues the student may exhibit prior to participating in a USPSA or IDPA match.
This introduction is designed for intermediate shooters who are looking to begin participating in action pistol shooting sports. Students should be knowledgeable with the safety and operation of their pistol and related equipment. Additionally students should be familiar with using and drawing from a holster. New shooters not familiar with the above should contact us to discuss training that will bring you to this level. 
Prior to attending it is strongly recommended that students familiarize themselves with the rulebook that pertains to the sport (USPSA or IDPA) that they wish to participate in.