Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2013 Florida Open: Results

Had a great time down in Florida! We sorta lucked out with the weather as much as we could've:

We shot all day Friday and were worried that it would keep raining... See Thursday was rainy for the staff shoot - mud puddles all over - but Friday just started with a bit of overcast, clearing to some great sun by noon. All the water had drained.

The weekend shooters got hit with some super low temperatures in the mornings - 37F!

I finished 13th overall in Production - 73% of Dave Sevigny's score. My best run was an 8th place finish on Stage 6... Still shooting too cautiously, not "letting go..."

Kozy finished 47th in Open at 57% of Max Michel. The Open division was stacked with competition this year! Max Michel, KC Eusebio (who made fun of my Beretta...), Dave Re, etc...

TD Roe, from Excel, finished 47th Limited at 61% of National Champion Blake Miguez.

Was nice to see John F. and Steve "Windscreen" from WI out there - Congrats to "Windscreen" on a top 20 finish in Limited, 76% of Blake's run!

Video and other impressions to follow...