Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Intro to Handgun Competition, Feb 24 & 25.

Greg and Perry have reworked their excellent Introduction to Handgun Competition class - contact Greg Holz if you're interested (gregholz@aol.com)

We’re changing the format of the Intro to Handgun Competition class to a 1 1/2 day format.  
The Introduction to Handgun Competition class IS THE “practice environment” to help you learn the basic rules of our sport, practice the proper fundamentals of drawing from a holster, sight alignment, rapid firing, reloading, safety, etc.; all to prepare you to safely compete in USPSA / IPSC type competitions. 
This type of course was not around when Perry and I first got started in this sport.  All my learning back then was done on the shooting line at a local club match (Talk about stressful!).  I had to wait a month to learn from my mistakes (if I could remember that long) and try something different at the next club match.  It wasn’t until I started signing up for firearms courses that my shooting really improved. 
If you are unsure if you have enough experience to take the class, ask yourself these questions.Am I familiar with my handgun?Can I demonstrate good safety habits?Do I have the right attitude for learning?Do I want to learn what it takes to take my shooting to the next level - for concealed carry or use in a competitive environment? 
Then sign up for the class.  You will be amazed at the marked improvement in your shooting ability. Class size is limited to 10 people and costs $150.00 plus range fees.  These classes fill up fast, so if you’re interested in taking the class, please let me know asap.  The attached file has more info regarding what is covered.
Sunday, Monday      February 24, 25