Sunday, March 3, 2013

2013 WIIT: General Tso's Revenge!

In the cold, dark winter months, there is one match that Midwestern shooters look forward to stave off cabin fever... One match that revitalizes shooters to see through the long dark nights of winter... That match is The Florida Open! For the rest of us cabin fever'd jamokes, we get Pine Tree Pistol Club's WIIT (Winter Indoor IPSC Tournament) - a grand 100 year old tradition (in dog years).

All kidding aside, I dunno when the match started, but they've held it annually for a long time. It was my first "major match" - I won High-C Production division back in 2010! - and was part of the reason I am totally hooked on shooting...

In recent years they've run it as two, one-day events with morning and afternoon groups shooting 8 challenging stages. This year we had a great time, with Team WIILSHOOT (plus Tony Am. and Brownie) tearing it up: Jay Carillo shot a 100% on the classifier... In the end, Production Grandmaster Alex G won it all - he's that good. Scores are here.

I'm sure there will be other video, but none nearly as cool as my teammate Steve Galkas: It has cool FPS-style vid and Megadeth!

Take a look!