Monday, March 4, 2013

Chrono Coffin (aka the "Bunny Hutch")

From Kozy:

With all the worries about traveling to a match far away from home - and there is a lot to remember - worrying about ammo shouldn't be another concern. Meeting PF is sometime a concern: Did the weather adjust my PF, what about the altitude? 
Even with a a great reloading process - I separate by brass by hand, looking at headstamps, cracks, etc and case gage all my loaded rounds - chrono'ing is vitally important. For that reason, I purchased a CED M2 Chrono with IR screens since I travel to matches a lot, figuring the cost investment was worth the peace of mind knowing that I wouldn't "go minor" in open division or, in case of production division, no score at all. Trouble was I was never getting a super accurate reading indoors... 
In the Jan/Feb issue of "Front Sight Magazine" Greg "chronoman" Lent wrote a great article on chrono tips when looking for proper PF. Among them was building a chrono coffin - what Les calls a "Rabbit Hutch" - to seal out the ambient light. I emailed Greg and he was kind enough to help me with what I need to know. It was pretty easy with what Greg laid out and the total investment was $400+ the cost of the 12 pack I drank while making the Box ;). 
Big thanks to Greg Lent for all the help and following back up with me on questions and concerns.