Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day - And Some News...

Sorry this post comes so late - decided to take a few days off and head to the hills here in Colorado.

As some of you know, magazine manufacturer, MagPul has had a helluva time dealing with Colorado's decision to implement a magazine ban on mags that hold >15 rounds.

Illinois is not far behind - the amendment to ban standard capacity magazines just failed by a slim margin:
The Illinois House rejected Amendment 10 on HB 1156, which would have banned any high capacity magazines over 10 rounds. The vote was 57 to 59, with 1 present.

The scary this is the following:
"There can be no grandfather clause on this," he said to those requesting an amendment, "because there are no identity numbers on these clips." If he allowed grandfathering the magazines, he said he would lose votes from those from which he had already garnered support. 
Folks - I hate posting these stories - Guns aren't and shouldn't be the partisan political issue that they've become!

Anyway, enjoy the holiday and see you when I get home!