Monday, March 25, 2013

HTFU Award - This Week - Snipers

"Well done, mate!"
Chopper called and awarded Allen B. the "keep it up award" for heading out to ASC in a "balmy 32 degrees" to get some rifle work done...

The rest of us spent the weekend inside, sipping coffee and relaxing.

Some of us even headed out to the GAT Gun's manufacturers shoot event to see some cool firearms! HK, Springfield, Sig, Kahr and a few others were there, as were some training companies.

Beretta was there, and they didn't bother to listen to their customers as usual, giving me the "we don't care about IPSC" routine as usual when asked if they'd actually bring back the Elite of the G-model guns. They also tried to sell me a nano... Yawn...

The new facility is looking great! Nice big classroom upstairs, nice new ranges - when IPSC or IDPA hits, you can be sure we'll put it on the calendar!
Can't we have spring already?

This Week

Not much going this weekend since it is the odd, 5th weekend...

McHenry IDPA Classifier Match at On Target Range and Training Facility in Crystal Lake, IL on Wednesday.

Excel Training Group has a variety of classes coming up again at Article 2 and GAT range.

If you were interested, don't forget about the upcoming Massad Ayoob "Legal Aspects of Self-Defense" coming up on April 20th, in Woodstock, IL.


Just finished reading Chris Kyle's "American Sniper" - I'm not a "war book" guy, but this was an intense read! I don't think my words could do it justice - do yourself a favor and read it...