Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why the US Fails...

Nice Gear... Wish I could find one!
Looks like LWRC is joining Beretta in saying that they'll leave Maryland if more, ill conceived gun control laws are passed. The entire press statement is telling. Read it!

The sad thing here, and with the Magpul situation is the fact that, we, in America, make it more and more difficult to even bother manufacturing products or building things. This isn't strictly a "gun control" problem, but a serious indication of America's own manufacturing/regulatory problems.

We truly eat our own:

Like our colleagues from Beretta, LWRCI is Maryland success story that this legislature and the Governor should be proud of. Success in these uncertain economic times should be celebrated and encouraged. While the U.S. manufactures fewer and fewer products, and U.S. exports to the world dwindle, the world still looks to the U.S. to secure its people and their countries borders with American firearms under the direction and supervision of the U.S. Department of State. We supply rifles to DOD, DOJ, DOC, DHHS, and the Pentagon Force Protection Agency to name a few federal agencies. We have supplied hundreds of local and state law enforcement agencies rifles to protect our law officers and the public they serve. Countless U.S. citizens buy our commercial rifles for the same reasons our government and international customers do. For sport or defense, people want and have the right to own the safest, highest quality product they can get. We have a noble job that we are proud of and take very seriously.
Our company success, and the success of our employees should be celebrated as a model to economic growth and civic responsibility. Instead manufacturers and our industry are vilified with the introduction of this legislation to ban cosmetic features of a certain type of rifle. Modern rifles are functionally no different or more dangerous than any other firearm.
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