Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Aurora Practical Rifle: Precision Rifle Coaching

ASC Practical Rifle is running a 4 hour long coaching format for precision rifle on May 11th.

  • Shooting fundamentals for long-range
  • Ballistics Calculator Overview
  • Chronograph your ammo
  • Build your DOPE out to 600 yards
  • Range Estimation with Mil-dot reticle
ASC Members may stay after to get 600 yard range certified

  • A rifle with a minimum of .223 caliber (Note: bullet and twist rate) marked on barrel
    • If using .223 recommend 68 grain or higher in a 1/7 twist barrel (preferred)
    • If using a .223 with 1/9 twist rate, only 68/69 grain ammo will likely be accurate Twist rate should be marked on barrel if you’re not sure.
  • Magnified optic
  • 60 rounds of ammo minimum (ASC members should bring additional rounds to qualify on the 600 yd range)
  • A bipod or bag for front rifle support
  • Water
  • Lunch or snacks (will not take scheduled lunch break)
  • Open mind

  • Scope with mil-dot reticle
  • Smartphone with ballistics app (Stelok, Ballistics, Shooter, iSnipe, BulletFlight, etc)
  • Data book (such as Impact Data Books or Storm Tactical)