Thursday, April 25, 2013

IDPA For the Real World: Bath Robes and Bunny Slippers (Video)

I started shooting IDPA on a whim back in the summer of 2008, just looking to get in some trigger time over the summer. We used to run the matches in what amounted to a basement range. Even though the venue sucked, the atmosphere and camaraderie lent themselves to many good time. I learned a lot racing against Mik3 and a few other folks.

One of the things that kept things fun was the April "Theme" match: In 2012 it was "Hawaiian Shirts" while this year's theme was "Bath Robes and Bunny Slippers". Last night we got a lot of strange looks from a lot of folks working at the range and other competitors. (Take a joke, folks...)

Anyway, think this is going to be my last IDPA match for a while… I feel that in the area of IDPA, I've done about as much as I'm going to do with it: 2011 Illinois SSP State Champ, 2012 ESP Wounded Warrior Match Champ, etc. With limited family time, a new business (Four Leaf Training) and work piling up, it is time focus more narrowly on USPSA.

Good luck, McIDPA…