Wednesday, April 17, 2013

ILEETA Conference

Talking 'bout thumbs-forward grip...
I'm honored to help my mentor, John Krupa, out again at the 2013 ILEETA Conference. (Even though the weather totally sucks...)

We're on the Lake Co. range on the IL/WI border running his Speed Shooting Instructor Development course for conference attendees.

The course introduces a lot of competitive shooting concepts, such as training with a timer and time frame of shooting (splits and trz'), modern grip and stance, how to vary sight picture (flash vs. perfect sight picture), building an efficient draw, movement.

Most of the shooting is on portable static steel targets from Action Target and reactive steel, both Action Target poppers and the rotator from Safe Direction.

Always love coming to the facility due to the signs...

Since the McHenry IPSC club bought John's old trailer, he's had to update - nice setup!

If you see this trailer... RUN!

[Update: forgot an "E" in ILEETA...]