Monday, April 15, 2013

Ilinois in the Bluegrass: 2013 Battle in the Bluegrass

Travelled to gorgeous Central Kentucky to attend the 2013 Battle in the Bluegrass USPSA match. Had a great time since spring was coming into bloom down there (it is still kinda winter up here in Chicago...)

We sampled finest Whiskey and Peach while down there before having to drive back home. I will be back to Lexington area again!

We did more than just drink Bourbon in Kentucky: Excited to say that I managed to fumble my way to a production division win! Running my Beretta Elite, I felt pretty on my game, even though I had a few errors. Take a look:

Additionally, Canyon Creek shooter TD Roe and Mike Gynra took home High Lady and 1st A while Luis Lacson sandbagged his way to a 1st Place D in Single Stack.

Did you get the joke? (Wait for it...)

Many thanks to John Murphy of NorwayGuns for helping me out with a few transfers! Thanks to the match directors and stage designers - had a GREAT time down there!

What a range! 2500 acres!