Monday, April 8, 2013

This... Was... SPARTA! (And Kentucky...)

For all you 3-gunners, returning from Sparta and Kentucky, Allen B sent me the the info on the Indiana Multi-Gun series... Since Wildcat Valley is ~3 hours away, near Lafayette, IN, I figure I'll pick up their calendar and list it on the 3-gun calendar (it'll be a few days). Check the calendar in a few days...

A bunch of guys headed down to Sparta to shoot the Gateway 3-gun match, but one of 'em got a chance to hit the 2013 Benelli Rockcastle Shotgun Championship!

The WIIT was probably the last time we'll see Jason Carillo wearing an exclusive WIILSHOOT jersey since he's been picked up by XRails and the Gateway 3-Gun team - onwards and upwards!