Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May Hollow 3-Gun: Steve G's Video

Steve takes awesome video...

While we almost got rained out, it turned out to be an awesome day for some 3-gun! The good guys at Action Shooting Sports threw down five stages for us to run and gun through this past Sunday.
Overall, with a relatively light turnout and open squadding, we were able to show up and shoot at our leisure. It made for a day with not too much waiting and a good balance of shooting, getting our gear ready, and cooling down.
As a whole my only complaint lies with my shotgun handling. I seem to forget that there's a safety on these damn things, and that they need a shell in the chamber to fire. 
I didn't get it on camera, but a few of us had to reshoot that last stage, and I was luckily able to both improve my time and get better hits throughout. 
Looks like I've gotta break out the practice setup for shotgun now, can't have any more simple fumbles like this