Thursday, May 23, 2013

SB 2193 Amendment: IL CCW?

Last night, I got an email from Mick Schuch, president of McHenry County Right to Carry, about an amendment that Rep Phelps filed to SB 2193 addressing concealed carry in Illinois...

Earlier today we spoke with Rep. Brandon Phelps and NRA Lobbyist Todd Vandermyde. They called to let us know about Senate Bill 2193. These guys have worked long and hard to get this done and Senate bill 2193 looks to be about as close as we are going to get for now. They called just before the bill was filed.

It is not a perfect piece of legislation but it does cover some of the big issues. We cannot expect a grand slam our first time at bat. We may need to take this, get on base and then work through some of the sticking points in the courts. Here is what it does have that we like.

  • Shall issue
  • Statewide preemption
  • Realistic training requirements

There are plenty of items we do not like.

  • $150.00 resident fee
  • $300.00 non-resident fee
  • Many restrictions on where you can carry [no public transportation]

So here it is. We are in the 11th hour. I'll post a link to the contents of the bill at the bottom. I read it.......all 149 pages. There is plenty I personally don't like, but I also don't like taxes, vehicle registration and Monday mornings. Sometimes we have to compromise and this is one of those times. One thing is for sure this bill is better than New York's and many other states. They very well may vote on this before weeks end, lets keep our fingers crossed.
I understand the goal of getting something drafted, but I'm not sure if all of the restrictions are useful. By eliminating the possibility of carrying on a tax-payer funded public transportation system, the bill has effectively disarmed most Chicagoans and people that commute to work along the rails. I'd argue that these are some of the people that may need the protection the most.

I also point out the ball is, essentially, in our court - Lawmakers have to appease gun owners or Illinois could just wait until the deadline passed and end up with "Constitutional Carry"...