Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Illinois CCW Update

Greg H of the Maxon's Combat Shoots told me that the last MCS of the season is next week - I put it on the calendar! Additionally, Greg H offers some good advice.

Illinois Concealed Carry update:  BEWARE the charlatans!

While Illinois CCW is all the buzz around the state, several instructors are already
advertising Illinois CCW courses.
The bill is awaiting Governor Quinn’s signature.  The curriculum has yet to be finalized.  The state has to approve and certify all instructors.  
How these “instructors” already advertising Illinois CCW courses can claim to have the “take it now inside track” is beyond me.  I’ll say it again… BEWARE! 
Let the dust settle and let’s see what really is required to obtain an Illinois CCW.  In the meantime, consider getting that Florida and Utah non-resident permit for those states that will not honor an Illinois permit in their home state at the present time.