Monday, July 22, 2013

2013 Indiana Sectional

Congrats to Alex Gutt for winning production - always a pleasure to watch you shoot!
Big "up" to Mike Gynra for finishing 93% behind Bob Vogel. Jeez...

We had a frustrating match: We elected to shoot the match over two days, figured we'd get up early on Saturday and drive down to Terre Haute to walk stages before starting to blast around noon.

Walking stages, we figured that we'd be out of there by 4PM: close hoser stages, not a lot of tactic choices, just pure execution.

As we started shooting, the weather took a turn for the worse: bukkits of rain, thunderstorms, and before we knew it, the match was stopped for a weather delay. This would happen periodically, the longest rain delay lasting about an hour. Couple that with target condoms and it made the match run at a snails pace.

To compound frustration, somebody fell down and apparently broke their leg. While we do wish them a speedy recovery, it caused another two hour delay in the match... By the time my last run came up, I was tired, frustrated, hungry and just didn't care... We finished shooting at 7:30.

Slept well and was able to coble together a few impressive run for the next day - which was, luckily, devoid of rain.

Tony had a couple of nice runs, but Kozy was plagued with some frustrating and erratic ejection issues on his open gun. A blast from the past, Scotty Lightening came out and shot pretty consistently across the entire match.

Speaking of equipment problem - STI's don't make good hammers:

All-Steel construction is a requisite for proper handgun hammering technique. Right Allen?