Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 Iowa Sectional

Feeling good, pre-match!
Yup. Iowa is prettier than Illinois.
Kozy, Email, Tony and I took the day off on Friday to head out to Des Moines, IA to walk stages for the 2013 USPSA Iowa Sectional match. We were surprised by the lack of complexity/choices that the stages offered, but I heard from some folks that the club is pretty young and is really trying to get up to speed. It wasn't that the stages were bad, just rather, that there were only really one ways through them...

After walking stages, we meet up with some of the Pine Tree crew and hit the Sportsman's Warehouse in town where we picked up a great tip for BBQ: Jethro's BBQ and Lakehouse!

Match day - All that said about the stages, what the stages lacked in complexity, they made up for in tight shots and difficulty: 20 yard Texas Star, 18 yard swingers, a few tight no-shoots. Those with no idea of a their zero had a tough time (read that as "we all missed a shit-ton of shots!")

Oh, and it was windy as hell!

I managed to squeak out a 96% classifier run (Ben beat my time by about a second!), so that was hearkening. In the end I finished 2nd to Ben, but only because somewhere along the way, CZ Badass, Matt Hopkins tore a muscle and was outta the action - speedy recovery, bro!

Open shooters... Ugh...
Not proud to say it, but Kozy needed fewer make up shots on that 20 yard star, so I lost a bet (beer owed)... We left feeling a little defeated, necessitating a stop at the Bent River Brewing Company in Moline on the banks of the Mississippi... (Best Cheeseburger I've ever had - Coffee-Stout was awesome and a few cases followed us home!) I paid my debt, then we headed home.

Moline: John Deere HQ! Emil provided a sense of scale...