Thursday, July 11, 2013

IL Concealed Carry Frauds

Interesting insight from John Krupa:

IL CCW frauds - An E-mail was forwarded to me that raised concerns that “instructors” are advertising IL CCW classes when in fact the Illinois State Police HAVE NOT established any regulatory system as of yet!

People interested in obtaining an IL CCW permit should be aware that the ONLY instructors that will be able to LEGALLY teach this program are the ones that will be registered and authorized by the Illinois State Police.

You WILL NOT be eligible to obtain an IL CCW permit if you attend ANY training courses (8 hours or 16 hours) that have not been certified by the Illinois State Police!

Once the IL CCW law is passed, the ISP will be assigned as the regulatory entity for the State of Illinois to review and approve ALL instructors and training programs that will be authorized for this program.

Be very careful here folks as there are going to be literally “hundreds” of posers and fake instructors out there with little to no instructor experience looking to turn the IL CCW opportunity into a cash cow! They’re not going to care if you learn anything or not. The bulk of these guys are just interested in getting your hard earned $$$.

Let the law go into affect, let ISP implement the IL CCW program and find a reliable ISP approved instructor and program so you can get it right the first time! As always, stay safe.

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