Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Psst... Ben Stoeger's Coming Out...

... with a DVD!

The video will talk about the overlap between live-fire and dry-fire training, breaking down a lot of questions that folks have about "how" to practice.

Kozy was onsite with the Champ himself over the weekend to act as a guinea pig for video - CZ Shooter, USPSA Grandmaster Matt Hopkins, was the other video model.

To top it all off, Kozy and I took Monday to travel to Holmen to meet with Ben for a private lesson which encapsulated a lot of the video concepts. This DVD is going to be great!

Bonus: We also got a chance to talk to Ben about his sponsorship with Tanfoglio and got a chance to shoot his new Tanfoglio "Baller" (worked over Stock 2) model: Heavy, easy recoiling, easy to load with great sights...

Tanfoglio Stock 2