Thursday, July 18, 2013

Reloading Article

Lynn G says business is "booming"... I'm reminded of a poem...

Bayou Bullets are Awesome.
 If you are a gun owner, chances are you are familiar with the nationwide shortage of ammunition. You may have even thought about trying to save cash by learning to reload your own bullets. 
You’re not alone: shooters across the country are turning to the hobby simply known as “reloading.”

“It’s booming,” said SafeSide, LLC., owner and National Rifle Association instructor and training counselor Lynn Garnand.

“The uptick, the demand for classes in reloading is huge. My business is primarily training in the reloading world and I also make reloaded ammunition commercially,” he told TheBlaze in a phone interview. “I can’t keep up on either front.”

Coupled with increasing costs, ammunition shortages have driven many gun owners to sign up for reloading classes.

Garnand, who is based out of Wisconsin, told TheBlaze his classes are either “packed” or completely sold out.
Sorting Brass...