Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2013 Michigan USPSA Sectional

Well, I guess I pulled the trigger gooder this past weekend 'cause I ended up narrowly winning the 2013 Michigan Sectional.

I ran a pretty consistent match: shooting on the move was better, hits were good, but I'm still shooting a bit slowish and mildly retarded-spider-monkeying some of my reloads. Overall, there were two stages that I was really happy about, Stage 5 and Stage 9. I ran stage 5 a full .7seconds faster than Bob Vogel (he probably missed a reload or something...) and Stage 9 because, while I wasn't 1st, I called every shot, shot on the move like a boss and did my damdest to speed the hell up while shooting arrays...

I'll be working A LOT in the next weeks to get faster... I'm right there, I just need to put it all bloody together.

Super impressed with Kozy, who finished 4th in Open just behind Steve Anderson (of Dryfire fame!)
Once he gets his video posted, watch his stage 9 run - hehehehe love that dust cloud!