Friday, August 23, 2013

More 2013 Indiana Sectional Footage

Steve Galka has some great video footage:

The last minute decision to head out to Terra Haute, Indiana, for the 2013 Indiana Sectional ended up being a good one, as the match was a ton of fun, with tons of hoser stages and lots of good competition. The weather delays and other issues that plagued the shooters on Saturday were a no-show on Sunday, and we were treated to a beautiful day with no interruptions and were able to finish relatively early compared to what was expected.

I placed 17th out of 80 sooters in Limited overall, 2nd in B class Limited, and despite a few small hiccups keeping me from pushing 100%, I feel I did pretty good.

My overall issues still stem from impatience and trying to take shots too early instead of waiting a split second longer to guarantee good hits. Some quick and dirty math tells me that I might have broken the top ten without the misses that I picked up, so it's once again obvious what I need to work on and practice doing.

It was great to get out to a big match, hopefully I'll be able to get another one in this season.