Monday, September 16, 2013

This Week...


  • Winnequah USPSA on Saturday in Lodi, WI
  • NISA USPSA on Sunday in Muskeo, WI


  • IDPA Nationals in Tulsa, OK - Should be interesting to see the results
  • Racine IDPA on Saturday at the Racine County Line Range
  • Aurora IDPA at Aurora Sportsmen's Club on Sunday


  • Aurora Practical Rifle this Saturday at Aurora Sportsmen's Club
  • Tri-County 3-gun on Sunday in Polo, IL


  • Bristol Action Pistol on Wednesday in Bristol, WI


  • Last call for Spartan AR & Shotgun weekend in Mt Carroll, IL
  • Excel's Handgun Phase 2 class on Wednesday at Gat in Dundee, IL
  • Excel's Holster Skills and Drills Class on Thursday at Article 2 in Lombard, IL
  • Excel's Women's Intro to Handguns on Friday at Article 2 in Lombard, IL
  • SafeShot's Marksmanship and the Law on Saturday at Article 2 in Lombard, IL
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