Monday, September 23, 2013

This Week!


  • USPSA Limited and Open Nationals are this week! Cheer TD RoeAllen B. and Chris Kozell on!
  • McHenry IPSC Starts shooting next week (Where the F(&*K did summer go!?)


  • IDPA Nationals is over:
    • Looks like CZ-sponsored shooter Matt Mink lost ESP to Brandon Wright and Morgan Allen
    • Vogel took SSP, beating the next closest guy by 15%.
    • Glenn Shelby won CDP
    • Jerry Miculek won ESR
    • Josh Lentz won SSR
  • McHenry IDPA shoots on Wednesday night at On Target in Crystal Lake, IL


  • WildCat Valley 3-gun on Sunday in Brookston, IN
  • Heard rumors that Oak Park has a 3-gun event this weekend


  • Bristol Action Pistol on Wednesday night in Bristol, WI
  • Wildcat Valley ICORE on Saturday in Brookston, IN


  • Four Leaf Introduction to Competitive Pistol this Wednesday at Alpha Range in McHenry, IL
  • Women's Introduction to Pistol this Wednesday at GAT Guns in Elgin, IL
  • Spartan's 2-Day Intro to the AR class in Elkhorn, WI