Monday, October 7, 2013

This Week...


  • Wildcat Valley USPSA in Brookston, IN on Saturday
  • Oak Park USPSA in Plainfield, IL this Sunday (We're headed here!)
  • Schultz' USPSA in Muskego, WI this Sunday


  • McIDPA shoots at On Target in Crystal Lake, IL this Wednesday McIDPA Cancelled!


  • ASC "Precision Practical" Rifle in Waterman, IL on Saturday.


  • Bristol Action Pistol in Bristol, WI this Wednesday
  • North Porter Co. Steel Plates in Chesterton, IN this Saturday


  • Excel Training Skills and Drills on Tuesday at Article 2 in Lombard, IL
  • Four Leaf Training Skills and Drills on Wednesday in McHenry, IL
  • Spartan's 2-day Tactical Pistol Class in Elkhorn, WI on Wednesday and Thursday
  • Last Chance: Jay Carillo's Competitive Shotgun class on Saturday at Alpha Range
  • Utah/FL Permit class in Grayslake this Saturday